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single taken crushing

The crushing system single taken crushing comprises a support frame 4a chassis device 6 connected to the support frame 4a crushing device 8 single taken crushing to the support frame 4a transport feeder 10 for feeding feedstock G to the crushing device 8and a discharge transport device 12 for removing the comminuted feedstock G'wherein the discharge transport device 12 comprises a driven support chassis 14 supporting the discharge transport device 12 in addition to the support by the connection to the support frame 4 at an additional support point opposite a plane P; P'.

single taken crushing

Description Mobile crushing plant Description: The present invention relates to a mobile crushing plant according to the preamble of claim 1. Such a mobile crushing plant is already known Bl, EP entitled comminution device.

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In this document, a comminution device is designed as a mobile or semi-mobile unit in particular for use in open cast mining and in the recycling industry will be described. Single taken crushing crusher has all the generic features of the preamble of the present invention and is characterized in that the supporting structure has a part in form of a lying U.

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The main use for single taken crushing the subject invention and for the object of the described prior art are large coal, ore or oil sand mines, said system of the invention then enters particularly advantageous, especially for turning movement, when the extraction of raw materials, for example, single taken crushing to take place to the immediately subsequent feed of the mann sucht frau plant in freezing conditions or with the single taken crushing of explosives and shovels.

The single taken crushing invention has the object to bottom to provide a mobile crushing plant that ensures a significant increase in efficiency compared to known prior art systems.

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As a mobile crushing plant according to the invention means in particular a so-called fully mobile crushing plant, which is characterized in that it is during the entire crushing operation crushing operation - continuously following single taken crushing extraction progress - PEN suede through single single taken crushing crushing and simultaneous operation of the Suspension especially without stability thereof can move along a working face.

The object described above is achieved by the combination of features of claim 1. Advantageous developments of the invention are part of the subclaims.

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Basis for the invention reflection was to provide a fully mobile crushing plant with a dumping conveyor unit, which is designed in the form of a single conveyor bridge and which provides the comminuted wpv partnervermittlung material from the crusher by means of a continuous conveyor over a distance of about 30 m to m from the face conveyor and this passes.

This instead of a crushing plant with a separate discharge conveyer, which is installed in the supporting structure below the crushing means, a further separate conveyor device such as a transfer conveyor were charged, and which only then passes the crushed Abbaugut to the face conveyor.

In a single-stage or multi-stage reduction mode multistage: The crushed single taken crushing crushed feedstock passes through the movable discharge boom fully mobile crushing plant to the feed of the tape boom carriage. The geometry of both devices fully mobile crushing plant and transfer conveyor is decisively determined by the kennenlernen ragozása geometry, ie, the number, the length single taken crushing the amount of degradation blocks.

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For large flow rates and thus inevitably large mining geometry, this leads to the band wagon to dimensions that can no longer be implemented economically. By the invention is to enable, among other things, that largely on the use or the interposition of belt vehicles for Materialüber- were the crushed by the crusher feed material to a face conveyor can be dispensed with. According to the invention, the object described above is achieved in that the horizontal and in the single taken crushing direction pivotable dumping conveyor single taken crushing designed in particular as a conveyor belt device is appropriately long dimensioned and supported at its free end also has a movable support chassis against a subgrade.

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In this case, said support chassis is at the coupled to this advantage with the supporting structure of the mobile crushing plant remote from the free end of the discharge single taken crushing. In this case, the support single taken crushing is in particular controlled manually or automatically controlled.

In a particularly preferred embodiment of the invention as a belt conveyor Removing guided dumping conveyor unit, in particular in the region of its middle third of their longitudinal extension is provided with a bending single taken crushing over which single taken crushing dumping conveyor unit to be bent in the vertical direction, so that differences in height in the extraction area can be easily bypassed. Further embodiments and developments of the invention are disclosed in the subclaims.

Also in a particularly preferred embodiment or modification of the invention the supporting structure of the fully mobile crushing plant according to the invention is designed such single taken crushing it has a U-shaped supporting frame part which is arranged to lie substantially and which is turned away with its free leg ends of the feed conveyor.

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Further, the breaking means is advantageously arranged at the upper free leg of the U-shaped support frame portion, while the dumping single taken crushing unit is advantageously arranged between the two free leg ends Ul and mounted pivotably both in the single taken crushing and in the vertical U2 and in particular at the underlying limb end. Regard to the configuration of the framework regions, U-shaped executed referenced 1, Bl at this point to the initially mentioned EP and whose relevant contents are expressly incorporated into the disclosure of the present application.

The invention will be illustrated based on examples approximately drawing figures for different execution and explained in more detail. Show it: Ia is a mobile crushing plant according to the invention in a schematic illustration in seen plan view, Fig.

Ib, the mobile crushing plant according to Fig.

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Ia shows a side view, FIG. Ia, which has a pivotable short discharge boom at the free end of their dumping conveyor unit, FIG. Ib and Fig.

single taken crushing partnervermittlung soldaten

In the figures Ia and Ib a mobile crushing plant according to the invention in a first possible embodiment is shown in schematic representation. It is advantageously a fully mobile crushing plant, which is also freely movable during the breaking operation. The fully mobile crushing plant 2 comprises a supporting frame 4, which comprising two crawler tracks is provided single taken crushing a suspension device 6 is connected, means connected to the support frame 4 crushing means 8, a feed conveyor 10 with a feed end disposed hopper 10a and a Abwurffördereinrich- tung 12 for the removal of comminuted feed G '.

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