Rammstein mann gegen mann single, Mann gegen Mann (single)

Mann Gegen Mann, Pt. 1 [Maxi Single]

The video quite clearly conveys images of a homoerotic nature.

rammstein mann gegen mann single

The band members in the video are almost entirely naked, aside from frontman Till Lindemann. Lindemann is dressed in long black hair extensions, and feminine high heeled boots that go part way up his thighs.

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He also wears a set of black latex briefs. The rest of the band members wear only black army boots, and their instruments cover their genitals.

rammstein mann gegen mann single

The video alternates between shots of the band playing in an open room and a writhing group of naked, muscular, oiled men. During the bridge of the song, the band is being rained on, and a frenzied Lindemann screams the lyric "Schwuler!

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  3. Ощущение это не было неприятным, скорее -- просто новым, и оно-то и позволило Олвину впервые испытать, что это такое -- настоящая телепатия, способность, которая в его народе ослабла настолько, что теперь ею можно было пользоваться только для того, чтобы отдавать команды машинам.

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The tempo of the song changes to a melodic pace, as the band members then appear with the oiled naked men, and are carried over them. Lindemann has become a demonand the hands and the arms of naked men reach up towards him; and the song's tempo changes again to the frenzied pace.

Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann

The group rammstein mann gegen mann single men with the band members begin to wrestle and fight with one another as it rains on them. Screaming "Schwuler" again, Lindemann starts to rip his rammstein mann gegen mann single black hair out as the song closes. However, in the German languagethe "ER" pronounced:

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  • Liedtext[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] Der Text, der inhaltlich das Thema Homosexualität behandelt, bleibt in seiner Aussage weitestgehend uneindeutig.

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