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TKV Thermoform - TKV Thermoform

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DE Company TKV Thermoform GmbH is a highly efficient, kunststoffe kennenlernen plastics-processing company, manufacturing kunststoffe kennenlernen parts by means of the injection moulding process. The advanced technical equipment of all our departments as well as our experienced and highly motivated staff ensure that the wishes and specifications of our customers kunststoffe kennenlernen best possibly implemented.

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Our investments in technical equipment for injection moulding, construction and tool making are an expression of our constant efforts to improve our products. They offer us the opportunity to advise our customers optimally and according to the latest state of the art and to implement their wishes.

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Quality management By a high quality standard we secure the competitiveness of our kunststoffe kennenlernen. Kunststoffe kennenlernen quality inspection equipped kunststoffe kennenlernen the latest state of the art enables a constant quality of the plastic parts through constant inspection and evaluation.

Our main objectives are to use energy kunststoffe kennenlernen and raw materials economically as well as to avoid emissions and uncontrolled release of pollutants into the environment.

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We take care of the plastic-compatible design of the moulding and assist you in the selection of the material, taking the economic and kunststoffe kennenlernen aspects into account. Our technical services Decoration of your products by ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, pad printing 2K-production.

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