Andreas jessen single

Andreas jessen single

An event andreas jessen single all those interested in urban alternatives.

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The compendium will be out in May Francesca Ferguson is an expert for architecture, place management and urban alternatives. Which urban alternatives do exist and how can we remix the cities?

He focusses on the topics historic and contemporary home construction, city planning of the post war time, andreas jessen single culture heritage and urban everyday andreas jessen single.

Lukas teaches architectural design, building theory and urbanismus at several universities. Contemporary cities are in the thrall of rocketing real estate prices, climate change, and relentless growth.

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MakeCity brings together highly diverse positions on urban change. The circular economy begins in cities; local production — of food, of materials, of spaces — is at the heart of life cycles in cities, overcoming the strategies of planned obsolescence that currently govern our linear economic system.

andreas jessen single

MakeCity lays out urban alternatives for new architecture, typologies, material flows, integrative and community-based planning, all of which are grounded in the notions of re-use; densifying and optimising existing structures. The what ifgives way to the how— with projects and propositions for making city differently. Governance, Strategic Alliances and Negotiating the City The lecture addresses all those who are interested in current topics and future challenges of our cities, who actively live architecture and the city and who want to actively create the city:

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